What is Tweener?

Tweener is a JavaScript library for doing animations. It can smoothly interpolate numerical variables between two values over time. It is an implementation of Caurina tweener and has the same syntax. Tweener has more good properties:

Tweener is located under a short URL http://tweener.ivank.net/tw.js



<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweener.ivank.net/tw.js"></script>
var o = {x:100, y:200};
Tweener.addTween(o, {x:400, y:500, time:2, delay:1, transition:"easeOutBounce"});

I can not guarantee availability of tw.js forever, 100% of time. Please, host it on your own server, if you plan to have thousands of pageloads a day.

There is a demo of using Tweener for animation.


Not all functionality of Caurina tweener is implemented in Tweener. If you want something new, or you find a bug, let me know.